Remotely Flash Files onto Your Android via RemoteFlash [App]

As a frequent flasher or ROMs, Mods and Kernels, I know the pain of losing out the USB cable only a couple minutes ago before Flashing "commence"!! Then there’s the trial and error process that comes with testing new themes, mods, and ROMs. However, this can all be avoided simply with RemoteFlash. The remote flashing app developed by XDA-Developers member Prl91.

RemoteFlash allows you to flash ROMS, Mods, and Updates directly from your computer, over WiFi. As of the moment it only allows one file to be flashed at a time. The limit will be raised as the development goes on, but for the time being, RemoteFlash just about serves our purpose. 

Though one "downside" you might consider here is that this app uses "OpenRecoveryScript". So that if you have TWRP [TeamWin Recovery Project], then you are good to go, but the users with CWM [ClockWorkMod] Recovery installed might not have the smooth ride. Though CWM may be usable depending on the build installed.

To use RemoteFlash simply download two files at the end of this post. One is a standalone Java application that you run on your computer. The other file is the RemoteFlash apk. After downloading and installing both programs, run the RemoteFlash apk. You will only need to run the app once. After opening RemoteFlash the first time just reboot your device.

As soon as your device boots back up, RemoteFlash service will be running in background. You can then open the PC client and click "Auto-Scan"(It may take anywhere between a second and two minutes to find your device), check/uncheck "Wipe Data/Cache", and click "Go". 

You will then be prompted to select a file, and it will be flashed directly to your device.

After the flashing starts, the file will be downloaded and flashed automatically onto your device!!