How To Add "Command Prompt Here" Menu In Folder Right Click Menu

Well, there is a rather unknown or "only known to the geeks" shortcut of holding shift key while right clicking on any folder shows up the option "Open Command Prompt Here.."..but I bet 90% of us didn't knew that before they read it here. Now, as we geeks are considered to be laziest person on earth (In terms of physical work, of course!), we're going to prove that right here right now.

Now coming back to the topic, here we've tweaked the registry entries for our goods to remove that "holding shift" barrier to show up "Open Command Prompt Here.." option in the folder right click menu. After editing the registry as mentioned in this post, there is no need to press shift key to have this option. It'll be enabled by default. :cool:

Manual Method

The first method must be the manual method. Because if I provide one-click solution here, we geeks are too lazy to read the whole article, I guess. So, first we'll see how it's done manually and then an automatic gift will be presented!

First go to start menu and type regedit.

Click on regedit.exe which will open Registry Editor.

Now navigate to the following folder : 

Rename the “Extended” key on the right to something else, like “Extended-Orig”. (Note that you could simply delete the value, but renaming it ensures that you can quickly rename it back to reverse the change)

To add the item to the folder context menu, browse down to the following key:
And rename the same “Extended” key here. The changes should be immediate.

Download This Registry Tweak

If you are not good at these sought of geeky stuff, just download the following file. There are two files in the downloaded zip, namely, DisableCommandPromptHereAlways.reg and EnableCommandPromptHereAlways.reg.

Just double click on EnableCommandPromptHereAlways.reg to enable this tweak. 

Note : While you try to open any of these above mentioned registry files, a warning will appear. You should click on "Yes" to proceed further.