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Have you ever dream of owning your own website? If yes, the you've landed at the right page. At, we respect your values and have a great desire to give your dreams wings. As an effort to that we've come forward along with our sponsor BigRock to turn your dream into reality. But how? Read on.

What is BigRock?

Well, in simple language, BigRock is a leading domain registrar in India which along with Domain Registration also provides other essential services to setup your website like, Website Hosting, Email Hosting, Do-It-Yourself Website Builder, Web Designing and many more services that you'll surely need to setup your website. Thus BigRock is just the place that you want to be at, if you are really serious about setting up your own website.

How To Get Started?

Nowadays, setting up your website requires absolutely zero knowledge of any sought of coding or programming language. Yeah, you read that right. 
No matter in which profession you are, you can build your own website right away on your own. The leading websites like BigRock take the responsibility of such cumbersome coding work on their own shoulders to provide you a flawless and smooth experience in building your website. 
So, how it's done? Here is a step-by-step procedure that will lead you to your own website.

Register a Domain Name

First of all choose a proper domain name that suits your idea or theme of the website. E.g, if you want to setup a website of your company, the domain name looks good and sounds professional. Thus grab your desired domain before it gets booked by others. Just head over to BigRock and enter your domain name and book it for the desired term. You can book your domain as long as 10 years! 
Its recommended to book a domain for a longer term so that there is no need to renew it every year. As a failure in domain renewal may cause you lose your domain which is absolutely undesirable thing to happen.
So, head over to BigRock and choose a domain for yourself. Now, as a reader, we have a offer for you. 
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Choose Your Host

The Host is a place where your website is stored. You can say the Host as a place to park your website in the Internet which let your visitors access your website easily and 24 hours a day. Thus choosing a better host is an Important aspect in website building.

Choosing BigRock as a host makes sense due to its higher reliability and low costs. BigRock offers you the hosting service as low as Rs.59 (or $1.00 approx). Which is very low indeed in terms of service they provide. And as a reader, you'll always have an offer, so here it is!

BigRock provides a special 20% discount on web hosting. Just enter the following coupon code to avail yourself 20% discount.

The Coupon Code is BRRAJAT

You can also avail 20% discount for Do-It-Yourself Website Builder using the same code BRRAJAT. The good thing here is that you can have a demo of website builder before you actually make a payment. So, just try out the demo and then decide whether to use it or not. Personally, I'm very satisfied with the demo and recommend to my readers.

So why wait, just head over to and claim your website at discounted rate.