Google Translate Gets Updated For Android, Now Supports Translating Photos

The Google Translate App is now updated on Android as it supports translating photos as well. Which means, in real world, if you see any poster written in any other language which is unknown to you, just point your Android's camera towards it, take a snap and Google Translate will translate the contents of that pic. Though you'll need to highlight the text you want to translate.

For now, only Android users can take advantage of this feature. It works with most of the languages that are supported by Google Translate. The app doesn’t have the ability to automatically detect what language is captured in an image, so the user needs to know the language they’re looking at, but the feature otherwise works on any high-contrast text. Stylized or low-contrast text might trip it up. 

Users will also need to make sure that the text they want to translate must fit in the single photograph. So, it will not be useful for the big posters or the big length text. Thus, as of now, it'll only work on the smaller images where the text is clear and all in one image. Though, as a popular Google product, it will only get better!

Even though there exists some limitations, it is still a very major leap forward from Google. Typing in a phrase from a foreign language can take some time and is subject to typos. Taking a photograph is quicker and more accurate.

This app will work on the Android versions 2.3(Gingerbread) and above. So why wait, just download or update your Google Translate on your Android.

Download or Update Google Translate from Google Play